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Hackernews Userscript Written In Rust Wasm


Available for Firefox and Chrome:

Firefox Add-OnnChrome Extension

Source Code at GitHub:

Download on GitHub

Hacker News Userscript - a Browser Extension to Play Hide and Seek!

The Usescript is written in Rust with Web Assembly compile target.

The extension provides features, which allow users to filter submissions based on a text or a regular expression:

  • Filter submissions by text in title or link
  • Filter comments by text
  • Hide submissions and comments from a specific user
  • Get visual feedback on how many items were hidden by a particular filter
  • Toggle hide of all the children for a hidden parent comment
  • Show [hidden] placeholder in place of hidden items
  • Hide an individual submission, without auto-loading the next one. You can hide everything on the page, and it will stay blank!

Uses Rust's Regex to enable expression matching. Regardless of regex usage, matches by text as a substring in an item.

All the filtering data and settings are stored in the localstorage.

See the videos below for the features showcase.

Features Showcase

Soft-hide functionality: Filter by title: Filter by username:

Coming Soon

  • Highlighting by topic
  • Endless scrolling
  • Thread auto-update
  • Background thread watcher
  • Codebase refactoring
  • Replies, subscriptions
  • Group items by topics
  • Chronological comments with reply links
  • Easy point-and-click to filter an item
  • Collapsible sidebar
  • Better UI
  • Favorites functionality
  • Automatically mark already-read submissions and comments
  • Export and import filters and settings
  • Infotips on hover

In the Future

  • Safari support, mobile support
  • Local-first cloud sync between devices
  • Support for other websites
  • Social collaborative filtering

You can sponsor this work, as well as other projects of mine via Liberapay and Patreon:

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